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Taproom Rental Information:

We charge an hourly base for the taproom space (two hours minimum) and charge for the beer separately. Please note that the taproom can only be rented out outside of business hours.

Taproom rental:
Two hours minimum. Email info@copperheadbrewery.com for price information.

Beer Service:
- Open Bar: Place a credit card on file and close your tab at the end of the event.
- Individual Tabs: Guests purchase their beer individually.

Additional information:
- Our beers are $5 to $8.
- Our taproom is air conditioned and can seat 65 people.
- During rental hours, there are no additional fees for bartenders.
- We accept cash and credit cards.
- We do not offer any other services but the beer service at the bar. Anything else must be done separately. 


Tap Room Hours:

Tuesday - Friday: 4pm to 7pm
Saturday: Noon to 8pm